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Polydyn TX7 Oil additive



You might have seen my video on youtube talking about this stuff, well I must say its pretty amazing! Actual technology and chemistry going into the product, not just your typical 'snake oil' additive. You can confidently put this in your engine oil for better performance, reliability, and durability.

TX7 is a Dry Film lubricant that bonds to metal on the molecular level. It attracts oil molecules to it enhancing the protective barrier between vital engine components such as rod and crank bearings, cam journals, piston skirts, and valvetrain. You will see improved performance in the form of more HP and TQ, less heat, quicker throttle response, better fuel economy and smoother engine operation.

For 'heavy duty' or 'racing' applications I recommend the grey bottle (labeled as high mileage) as its formulated with the highest concentration of TX7 additive. So regardless of your engines mileage or life expectancy, this will provide the most protection. The standard TX7 would be suitable for daily drivers or cars that dont see as much wear and tear.

Its also available for the transmission, differential, and power steering. Try it yourself to become a believer! Shipping is $5 flat rate to anywhere in the continental USA


  • Engine Oil- Polydyn TX7 "Racing"
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  • Engine Oil- Polydyn TX7
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  • Differential- Polydyn TX7
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  • Manual Transmission- Polydyn TX7
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  • Automatic Transmission- Polydyn TX7
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  • Power Steering- Polydyn TX7
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