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Do you want a Drift Ready 350Z? Do you want to go on DRIFTWEEK with me and experience the fun of driving with new friends at beautiful tracks throughout the USA? Well you came to the right place! THIS IS WHERE YOU ENTER TO WIN! The rules are simple, 350 "tickets" sold, one lucky winner will be chosen by a randomizer and they will win the grand prize package! The grand prize winner will receive this fully prepped Nissan 350Z as well as an all expense paid trip on DRIFTWEEK9 with me!

You will arrive in Austin TX where I will pick you up from the airport, you will get the keys to this sweet 350Z and we will hit the road together to head to the start line of DW9 where we will have a ton of fun driving on the street, on all the race tracks, and meeting new friends and having wild experiences throughout the trip. I will be putting you in the AirBNB group with me and covering your meals and fuel costs on the trip. You have to pay for alcohol, strippers, or any other entertainment you choose to participate in on the trip! I will be including a dozen tires, as well as the Valino tire mounting service on the trip. The car comes loaded out with a bunch of spare parts, a tool kit, jack and stands, and all the essentials needed for a successful Driftweek trip. This ain't my first rodeo!

1 in 350 chance is very good odds! I wanted to make this a very clear, straight forward give-away for you lucky fans. Unlike other companies offering 1 entry for every $5 spent and then hammering promos to get 10x or 15x entries at the end, which can make the odds astronomical, were talking 1 in 25,000 or even worse odds, this is a simple, easy to understand, easy to win system. If you buy 2 tickets your odds are 1 in 175, and if you buy 10 tickets your odds are 1 in 35! The sales will go until the 350th ticket is sold, then we will do the drawing live on my channel so that everyone can see its truly random and legit. IF for some reason all the tickets are not sold by the start of the trip we will continue the contest until they are all sold. Once the winner is chosen they will have the option to choose between the below options:

What if you can't get the time off work? What if you dont know how to drift? or you are just beginning and aren't ready for a full DRIFTWEEK Experience? NO PROBLEM! I am offering an alternative prize to the winner to choose if they would like instead we will go to a race track for a weekend of private instruction with me. We could do this at a track in Texas called Harris Hill Raceway, or at Little Talladega in MO. I will still cover the cost of tires, fuel, entry fee, hotels and food for this winner, and they will drive their new car home with the confidence to be able to take it out on track in the future.

Foreigners are eligible for entry! Are you from outside of USA? That is OKAY! The details for you to win are as follows: You will need to book your own travel plans to Austin TX. From there I will pick you up from the airport just like any other winner. You will need to have a valid international drivers license. You will be required to have insurance coverage on the car. I will provide up to $200 for your first months insurance coverage. I will use that insurance info to get you a temporary license plate so you are legal to be on the road for the trip. From there it is your responsibility to register the vehicle in your name, legally export it to your country, or sell it to a legal US resident.

Can you bring a friend? OF COURSE! In fact I encourage it. It's nice to have someone help split the driving, the wrenching, and the fun with you, however you will be responsible for all their expenses. This grand prize is for YOU, and does not cover any of the costs associated with bringing someone with you so if you do bring a friend be prepared for those expenses.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to reach out to me on email at [email protected] I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Remember this will be YOUR car. You will be encouraged to take care of it and drive it in a way that will survive the trip. I am making sure you start off with the best platform to have a fun and successful trip. You will be required to have a valid drivers license, registration and insurance coverage on the car. It is your responsibility to register the vehicle in your name before the start of the trip. It is a clean TX title car that is ready to be registered. I am testing the car and making upgrades needed to ensure a fun time, but no car is indestructible! I am not your mechanic, and am not responsible for any trouble you get yourself into! There's no warranty on this car, just like any race car. If you crash the car you have to fix it! If you get pulled over for speeding or street drifting YOU will be responsible for the repairs or funds necessary to get yourself back on track so be smart and follow my lead and we will have an amazing trip together!

Nissan 350Z with VQ35HR engine with recent services done and ice cold AC!
Engine package is a Reliable and Efficient.
Full suspension package including Bilstein suspension, GK Tech knuckles with FLCA, and adjustable camber and toe arms to get the steering and alignment just right.
Enkei Wheels with new Continental Tires
Hydraulic E-brake, quick release steering wheel with black suede Grip Royal wheel, stereo system, and ice cold AC!
Exterior features an unbreakable KBD Body kit with an HR hood, wing and custom Paint job!
i'm sure i'm forgetting a lot here, so I will continue to edit and add to this post in the future.

Starts in the beginning of December 2024 we head out from Austin TX to drive towards the start line in an undisclosed track in the north east. From there we will travel together and drive on the streets as well as the race tracks hitting every stop along the way. 8 different tracks in total and over 10+ days of driving!


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